About Me

Welcome to my blog! 

I mostly write about Australian kpop news and other tidbits.

I’m a kpop fan from Sydney with a bias for Onew =D  I love the Korean culture, be it their language, food, music (kpop!), dramas or variety shows.

Founded the UNSW Kpop Society to help bring the Hallyu Wave to UNSW and to Australia in general. If you’re interested to find out more about us, check out http://unswkpopsoc.weebly.com/

I’ve also written articles for MTV as well as SBS PopAsia.

♫ Living in the SMTown! ♪

– Leslie.   xoxo (tic).

♥ Shawol ♥ A.R.M.Y ♥ Exo-L ♥ Cassiopeia ♥ Once ♥ Soshi ♥ V.I.P ♥ Inspirit …I give up, I’m part of too many fandoms.


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