K-Celebrity soccer game to be held in Sydney on April 30

soccer game poster

To support the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, there will be a friendly soccer game between the Korean celebrity soccer team (FC system) and Australia.

Date: 30 April 2017 (Sun)
Venue: Belmore Bulldogs Stadium
Ticket Prices: $10* (Free for kids under 10 years old).
* Previously $35

Celebrities attending:
– Lee Wan (Actor)
– Lee Hyun Do (Singer & Producer)
– Tak Jaehoon (Singer & MC)
– Kim Heung-Gook (Singer)
– Park Sang-Myun (Actor)
– Jung Tae-Woo (Actor)
– Muzie (Musician & MC)
– Song Chong Gug (Former national soccer player)
– Choi Tae Uk (Former national soccer player)
– Song Byeong Cheol (Gag Concert Comedian)
– Kim Dae Sung (Gag Concert Comedian)
– Kim Ji Ho (Gag Concert Comedian)

Unfortunately, the only celebrity I know is Lee Wan, who is the brother of Korean actress Kim Tae-hee and brother-in-law of Rain.



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