K.A.R.D’s J.Seph lived in Canberra before

In an interview with up and coming project group K.A.R.D, member J.Seph revealed he has been to Australia before. He lived in Canberra for about 3 months and said that because of his nice memories there, he’d love to go back to Australia again to perform.

He remembered going to Nandos and said their pork ribs were delicious. He wants to try it again if he goes to Australia and introduce it to his fellow K.A.R.D members.

Jiwoo also said she wants to go see the Sydney Opera House. So funny that J.Seph chimed in to brag that he’s been there and that it was cool. He also said that Jiwoo likes kangaroos and Koalas (well, Jiwoo is cute like a Koala).

Fellow member Somin also said she’s been listening a lot to ‘Chandelier‘ by Aussie singer Sia.

Come on over, K.A.R.D! You’re definitely welcome for a visit.

Check out the full PopAsia interview here:


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