BTS show subtle love for Australia & New Zealand

As we wait for more ticketing details to be released about their upcoming Sydney concert in May, here’s a compilation of some BTS x ANZ (Australia & New Zealand) moments. Because it’s the best ship to be on (geddit?).

  1. BTS holding Australian boards

In the V-live segment, ‘BTS Gayo – Track 10‘, Jimin and V are seen holding up Travel Australia boards with pictures of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

V board

jimin board

  1. BTS mention Australia & New Zealand while filming the Not Today MV

not today 1not today 2not today 3not today 4not today 5

  1. BTS’ love for Aussie & NZ artists

In a recent Billboard Facebook Live interview, Suga mentioned he’d love to collaborate with Aussie musician Flume and V said he’d want to collaborate with Kiwi singer Lorde.

Other members have also shown their love for the Aussie artist Troye Sivan. Rap Monster has previously tweeted a music recommendation for the track, ‘Fools‘, even doing a cover of it with fellow member Jungkook.

J-hope also shared his Spotify playlist, J-hope’s JAM, which included Troye Sivan’s ‘Youth‘.

jhope playlist

  1. Rap Monster mentions Melbourne on V App

While reading the comments, Rap Monster said he wants to go to Melbourne and that he watched the Melbourne Cup before.

vapp 2vapp 3vapp 1

  1. BTS mention Australia in pre-debut vlog

predebut log 1predebut log 2predebut log 3predebut log 4predebut log 5

On the other side, BTS has also featured on news segments in Australia and New Zealand. ‘Fire’ was used as the background music on the New Zealand news for a story about a volcano:

Also, ‘Blood Sweat Tears‘ was talked about in ABC’s ‘News to Me‘.



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