Twice film Pocari Sweat CF in Australia

Turns out that Twice were in Australia to film a CF after all. On-set pics show the girls filming the commercial at a local beach in the Gold Coast with Pocari Sweat drinks in hand. Dressed in blue and white outfits, the JYP girl group are seen with a local Australian film crew to shoot the summer themed advertisement.

Check out the pics below uploaded to Twitter by @h9_twice





Previously a fan had sent an edited picture of Twice in their ‘Cheer Up‘ teaser outfits to Pocari Sweat as though it was ad for their drink.

Pocari Sweat Japan had replied saying, “The TWICE picture really suits Pocari! Thank you for the pretty picture, when selecting the 2017 models, we’ll definitely be considering this picture.

Looks like Twice managed to snag that Pocari Sweat contract after all!

Whilst they were here, the girls also posted on their V App short clips of them at the beach and hanging out in Australia. Dahyun posted a video of her dancing to Blackpink‘s ‘Playing with Fire‘ in a shopping centre and Momo and Sana uploaded a clip of them freestyle dancing in the streets.

Twice in Australia V App video links below:

Dahyun at the beach

Sana greetings

Dahyun dancing in shopping center

Momo Sana dancing in the streets

Lucky fans spotted them out and about at the local Pacific Fair Shopping Centre in the Gold Coast.


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