Fans spot Twice hanging out in Australia

Popular girl group Twice have been spotted today arriving at Sydney International Airport! Check out the fan snaps below.

Although most of the girls try to look inconspicuous with masks and hats, you can see Dahyun‘s face clearly. Also, the clothes of the other members match what they were wearing when they left Incheon International Airport earlier this morning.

Sydney International Airport pics


Source: DC Inside


Source: DC Inside

Incheon International Airport pics


Source: Koreaboo


Source: Koreaboo

It is likely that Sydney was just a stop over to the Gold Coast where some fans have reportedly seen them out and about.

(trans: I saw Tzuyu, Momo and Dahyun ~). The picture appears to have been taken while they were eating at Nonna’s Italian restaurant.

The length and reason for their visit to Australia is currently unknown. However, there is speculation that they are here as a holiday reward from JYP for their major success this past year. Although they only debuted a little over a year ago, they are currently one of Kpop’s biggest girl groups, having earned multiple awards and records in 2016.

In their reality show, ‘TWICE TV3’, the girls have previously brought up Sydney and Australia as one of the places they would love to visit.


Other rumours have been circulating that they are in Brisbane to film a CF. (it always seems to be a working holiday for these idols…just like BTS’ Bon Voyage and SHINee’s One Fine Day).

Either way, I hope they enjoy their stay Down Under!


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