2PM head to Melbourne to shoot new wildlife variety show


K-pop band 2PM are heading Down Under to shoot a new travel variety show called ‘Wild Beat’. The program’s concept is getting the boys to experience ‘The Great Outdoors’ of Australia and to see the beautiful natural scenery and wilderness we have to offer. I’m guessing it will be similar to ‘Law of the Jungle’ but less of the roughing it and with more travel elements like in ‘One Fine Day‘.


Their first stop is Melbourne as members Taecyeon and Jun.K posted on their social media accounts about the group heading to Melbourne.




heading to #melbourne #australia #2pm anybody in #melbourne ?

A post shared by JUN. K (@jun2dakay) on


The boys must be super excited as this is apparently the first holiday-like trip in 10 years that they’ve taken together with all six members. Can’t wait to see their hilarious antics and reactions to Aussie culture and wildlife!


‘Wild Beat’ is set to air January 2017 so I’ll definitely be tuning in.


Seems like JYP really likes Australia, as we just had Suzy here a couple of months ago and there are the JYP auditions in Sydney next month.


Update [12/11/2016]:

The boys have landed in Melbourne now! Check out the Instagram snaps.


Jun. K enjoying the warm sunshine and exploring Melbourne streets.

#melbourne 🐼☉🖐

A post shared by JUN. K (@jun2dakay) on


Fans lucky enough to take pictures with them.



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