Australia featured in Seventeen’s ‘Healing’ MV dedicated to fans

Remember back in August when Kpop mega-group Seventeen came to Sydney and Melbourne to hold fan-meetings for their Aussie Carats?


Well, turns out they were also filming some scenes here for a surprise music video they just released! Seventeen tweeted the music video as being a gift to their fans for all their hard work in supporting them.



Eng trans: #SEVENTEEN #Healing #Fan Song #Seventeen’s gift to Carats #You’ve worked hard #Thank You


The fan song ‘Healing‘ is accompanied by scenes of the boys enjoying themselves in and around famous Australian landmarks in Sydney and Melbourne.


You can see the boys playing arcade games at Luna Park, frolicking at Bondi Beach, munching on meat pies from Harry’s Cafe de Wheels, running amuck through Melbourne streets and more!


Here are cute screenshots of the boys having some fun and adventure Down Under.



Luna Park, look at those lucky fans in the bg.


Sydney Harbour Bridge is behind me but I’m only looking at you!


Hey, that meat pie’s mine!


Ok, fine, we’ll share.


Look how yellow the sand is!


Ooh, that salty breeze.


Yahoo! It’s after hours, let’s run wild in the streets! @_@


Anyone wanna take the tram to Docklands?



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