K-pop Star Season 6 auditions to be held in Sydney on Sept 17

Singing competition show Kpop Star will be coming back again to Sydney to hold auditions. This time for season 6, which was announced to be final season of the show, titled “Kpop Star 6: The Last Chance“.

Auditions will be held on Sept 17 at The Civic Pavilion in Chatwood – the same venue as the the 2012 YG Auditions.  See below on how to apply.

kpop star s6 pic

This marks the third time that Kpop Star have held auditions here in search of the next Aussie Kpop idol. The first time was back in Sept 2012 at UNSW and the second time in July 2014 at USYD. Unfortunately, no one made it through to the Top 10 in 2012 but we had better success in 2014. Aussies Erin Miranda and Lily Morrow both made it through to the Top 10.  Lily did great as she finished in fourth place and is currently a JYP trainee after having signed a contract with JYP Entertainment after the show ended.

Hopefully this season, as it is the last one, will see even more Aussies making it further in the competition.

However, it will be more difficult as the show’s producers have decided to change the format of the final season to allow anyone a “last chance” at becoming a Kpop star – including those that already trainees and singers that have debuted.  The winner won’t choose one of the 3 companies to debut with but instead all 3 together will debut and promote the artist.

Best of luck to those applying!


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