YG’s new girl group to feature Aussie member Rose

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Finally an Aussie Kpop idol who will be debuting in a group from one of the Big 3 entertainment companies!

YG Entertainment recently posted on their Facebook page pictures revealing the fourth member of their upcoming girl group. Going by the stage name Rosé, Roseanne Park (korean name: Chae-young Park) is of Korean background but was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia.


Remember when YG Entertainment held auditions in Sydney back in 2012? She was one of only four people to pass the audition and apparently she placed first, which just goes to show how incredibly talented she is.


yg 2012 audition results


Fun fact:  She attended Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College in Melbourne until she moved to Seoul, Korea after being recruited by YG.


Can’t wait to see what she has in store for us when she debuts with the yet-to-be-named YG girl group! She has previously showcased her vocal talents as a trainee when she featured on G-Dragon’s track, ‘Without You’.


See if you can spot her in this old video about the YG Auditions in Sydney.


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