Lia Kim to hold dance workshops in Sydney this July!

Talented dancer and choreographer from 1Million Dance Studios, Lia Kim will be coming to Sydney this July to hold dance workshops! If you don’t know her already, not only has she done flawless choreos to mainstream English music, she’s also choreographed for a few Kpop artists!

Some of her work includes TWICE‘s smash debut hit ‘Like Ooh Ahh’ (with Mina Myoung), Sunmi’s ‘Full Moon’ and ’24 Hours’, BoA‘s ‘Fox‘ and Minx‘s ‘Why Did You Come To My House?‘. She also did pieces for JYP’s idol survival show ‘Sixteen’, before the girls who made it through to the end eventually formed TWICE.

She’ll be running classes from July 8 to July 10 at the Redfern Town Hall, covering a variety of dance styles including Popping, Waacking and Jazz Funk.

However, unfortunately the classes are a bit pricey at $80 for a single class or at the cheapest, $60 a class if you get the 6-lesson pass for $360.

It’ll be an intensive 3 straight days of classes (a bit like dance camp!) but it seems like she’s excited to meet her Sydney fans/dancers. She posted on her Instagram a poster with all the workshop details along with the caption “Sydney Workshop #liakim Super Excited”.


She’s a great all-round dancer and performer and I love her popping isolations, intricate tutting and just incredible swag. Sometimes when I watch her choreos, I’m left too awe-strucked at how a human can do that and it’s definitely way beyond any kind of dance capabilities I ever hope to have.  She has such great detail, technicality and musicality when she dances and is really good at incorporating a variety of dance styles into her work.

However, personally, I’m not sure that I’d be willing to spend that much money on her classes. If it was May J Lee or Bong Young Park who I’m huge fans of from 1Million Dance Studios (because they are just so adorable, especially together) then perhaps I’m more likely to, but I’m not too sure about Lia Kim.  I feel like she’s way too advanced for me and I just won’t be able to keep up, lol.

Anyway, it’s pretty cool that she’ll be coming here as so far, I haven’t heard of any Korean Kpop choreographers coming here to teach workshops. (*ahem Son Seung Deuk, plz come here and teach us some BTS*).

You can check out some of Lia’s choreographies below.

BoA’s Fox

BoA’s performance (with Bong Young Park as the male dancer)

Sunmi’s 24 Hours

My favourite one is the one she did to Pentatonix’s La La Latch.

On a side note, another 1Million Dance Studio teacher Hyojin Choi, has had her latest dance video, dancing to Iggy Azalea’s latest track ‘Team‘, shared by the Aussie rapper herself. How cool is that! What better compliment than having the artist of the song you danced to, recognise and share your work with their 7 million followers?! #dancegoals




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