Luhan reference on ‘If You Are The One’

I was watching ‘If You Are The One’ on SBS2 tonight and there was a good-looking English guy from the UK called ‘Xiao Lu’ or ‘Little Deer’ in Chinese. It reminded me of former(?) EXO member Luhan who has the same nickname.

However, the reasons behind the two nicknames are a little different. Luhan’s last name is Lu, which literally means deer whereas the English guy was called deer due to his fondness of nature and greenery.

His physical features are also quite the opposite of the Chinese star. Whereas Luhan is of small and slim physique, this guy is actually quite tall and well-built. However, both are extremely handsome. :)

pic 1 xiao lu

Aww, look at that smile. Swoon-worthy.

pic 2 smile

No wonder he’s so popular. You go get ’em, tiger…i mean, deer.

pic 3 popular

Ooh, I’m sure the girls would like a taste of his ‘wicked cuisine’ – whatever that means.

pic 4 wicked cuisine

Dwarfing host Meng FeiĀ 

pic 5 tall

This cutie ended up paired with a girl who goes to the same English university as him, Oxford University. Campus match made in heaven…from a Chinese reality dating TV show.


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