Watch: JJCC Prince Mak’s Aussie Dance MV project…I’m in it!

A couple of weeks ago on Feb 20, I participated in a video shoot with JJCC’s Aussie member Prince Mak and SBS PopAsia to make a music video dancing to a medley of JJCC songs. The video has now been edited and released so check it out!

I’m the one in the crazy rainbow coloured tie-dyed shirt. Songs used were ‘Fire‘, ‘Insomnia‘ and ‘Where U At‘.

prince mak mv gangster face

Err, trying to look somewhat Gangsta during the rap parts…/ cr: SBS PopAsia

The project was organised with Crossover Dance Studios, where dancers involved had taken dance workshops during the week taught by Prince Mak. He used to be a dance teacher at the studio before he became an idol so it was also a nice throwback reunion.

Snippets from the dance workshops as well as an interview with the Kpop celeb were also featured on an episode of SBS‘s The Feed.


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