9Muses member Erine is in Melbourne

Posting up some envious snaps on her Instagram, it appears Erine from 9Muses has been spending some quality time off in Melbourne. No doubt to escape the cold winter in Korea and nourish herself with some Aussie sun before gearing up preparations for her group’s concert.

With her snazzy red sunnies on, she tagged a beach selfie with “Because it’s so cold, I uploaded a summer picture. #stkildabeach #melbourne”.

너무 추우니까 여름사진 올리기 #stkildabeach #melbourne

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Looking happy and relaxed, she smiles to the camera in one of her pics tagged with “Holiday End. Now, to prepare for the concert. I miss Mine”. [Note: Mine is the official fanclub name for 9Muses.]

휴가 끝❤ 이제 콘서트준비 💪🙌 마인 보고싶어요..

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Check out her beautiful beach bod. Sigh, if only I could have her model stature and slim legs.


A post shared by 이유애린 🇰🇷 (@leehyemin0503) on


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