Chinese actor Sun Jian spotted in Hyde Park!

That awkward moment when you’re filming a Kpop dance cover in Hyde Park and Chinese actor Sun Jian randomly pops up with his filming crew, who happen to be filming ‘带着爸妈去旅行’ in Sydney. Then they start filming your dance cover of f(x)‘s ‘Dumb Dumb’, haha.

The show is called ‘Travelling with My Parents’ in English and it’s where celebs go on holiday trips with their mum or dad. He’s actually really cute in real life and does not look his age!

The dimpled star and Miss A‘s Fei have starred together before on Chinese dating reality show ‘If You Love’, which is similar to ‘We Got Married‘. They are super adorable and would definitely make one cute and attractive couple if they ever got together in real life.

On a side (but somewhat relevant) note, seems like the JYP casting managers landed in Sydney today, according to their Facebook post. Mm…maybe someone should’ve recommended Hyde Park. Or maybe they saw us dancing and were like “Nah…”



Update [26/3/16]: The episode we were featured in has now been broadcast. I can spot myself from 15:52: [my 5 seconds of fame haha]



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