JYP to hold auditions in Australia

2016 JYP Australia auditions

Top Korean entertainment agency JYP Entertainment is once again heading to Australia to hold company auditions to cast new talents. The last time they were here was 5 years ago, back in December 2010 where they auditioned people (embarrassingly, myself included) in Sydney.

However, this time, not only will they be going to Sydney, they’ll also be heading to Brisbane and Melbourne. Also, the audition process is slightly different.

Back in 2010, we could just show up at the audition location and take a number. They’d then audition 10 people at a time, depending on what category you were entering. If it was dance, you could prepare a song on a music CD to dance to. If it was singing, you would sing on the spot without backing track. If it was modelling/acting, you would strike a few poses or say a few lines.

This time, it appears to be more of a recommendation process. They’re asking people to recommend people who they think are talented by sending them their pics/videos along with their personal information. I assume they will be contacting people individually rather than having one set location in each of the cities for everyone to come to.

Also, I guess you could recommend yourselves? Not 100% sure how it all works as I’m not really planning on auditioning. I only did it in 2010 for fun and to experience it all but I think once is enough, haha.

But if you guys are interested and think you have what they’re looking for – who knows, you could be the next big thing! – you can find out more details on how to apply here:

Good luck to those applying! May you become the first Aussie JYP star ~

Update [16/11/15]: The JYP casting managers have now arrived in Sydney and have posted a call-out for recommendations of places where talented youth hang out.


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