f(x)’s Amber wants to go to Australia

I was watching the latest video from Amber’s Youtube channel ‘What The Pineapple’ and got a little too excited when she mentioned about wanting to come to Australia. From 7:00,

I’m all for it if she wants to come visit us Down Under, especially if she brings her fellow f(x) members. We haven’t had many girl groups hold solo concerts here in Australia. The only one I can think of was the 4Minute one back in 2013 but that was more like a mini-concert rather than a full length one.  From memory, they only performed a couple of songs (less than 10) and it only ran for around an hour or less.

It would be great to have a K-pop girl group come here to hold a full length solo concert like the ones we’ve had so far by amazing male idol groups such as CN BLUE, B.A.P, B1A4, BTS & BIG BANG.


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