Rap Monster recommends ‘Fools’ by Aussie talent Troye Sivan

BTS‘s leader Rap Monster recently recommended a song by rising Aussie star Troye Sivan. He posted on the band’s official Twitter an image of his latest album, ‘Wild‘, along with the caption “only FOOLS fall for you # #명곡 [trans: #masterpiece]”, referencing the lyrics of the song ‘Fools‘.

You may remember the Perth-based talent as playing a young Wolverine in one of the X-Men Origins films before but he is now more active as a singer and a YouTuber with over 3.6 million subscribers. Not bad for a 20-year old.

Nice to see that he also retweeted Rap Monster’s recommendation.

It’s great that BTS listen to and recognise talented Aussie musicians! I wonder if they’ll collab in the future.

Troye is known for being an advocate for LGBQT youth and I know Rap Monster has previously mentioned similar issues about homosexuality when he recommended the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis song “Same Love“.

RapMon Same Love recommendation

So I think it would be cool to see them working together one day. A crossover of music genres with the same meaningful messages. If you haven’t listened to Troye Sivan before, I’d recommend ‘Happy Little Pill‘, it’s my favourite song of his. :)


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