UNIQ’s Yixuan used to train in Australia

yixuan parris

Fun fact of the day: Chinese member Yixuan of Korean-Chinese boy band UNIQ used to fly back and forth to Australia to learn and train himself in dance. He revealed in a KBS Sukira radio interview with Super Junior’s Ryeowook that he would travel here to take lessons at the Australian office of his dance teacher.

Who was none other than Parris Goebel. You might remember her as the mastermind behind the hard-hitting moves of Taeyang’s ‘Ringa Linga’.

It’s not surprising that he’s familiar with the YG choreographer as UNIQ are known to have trained under YG before their debut. They are currently under Yuehua Entertainment (Hangeng, Nu’est M) with Starship Entertainment (SISTAR, Boyfriend) managing their Korean promotions.

See Yixuan’s interview below where he mentions his Aussie travels from 18:30:

Here’s a clip of Parris Goebel working with Taeyang on Ringa Linga:




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