Want some Suga?


I found some candy with the same name as Bangtan Boys (BTS) member Suga! Today also happens to be the 2nd year anniversary of the band so to celebrate, I thought I’d give myself some Suga treats.

It’s less than a month now until they touch down in Australia for their Sydney and Melbourne shows! They just wrapped up their concert tour in Malaysia last week, which was by all accounts absolutely amazing, so I’m looking forward to seeing what they’ll bring to the Aussie crowds.

On the topic of food, I feel like there’s been a little obsession with Kpop stars and nom-noms lately so I thought I’d make some quick edits.

suga meme

Yes please! I’ll take the one on the right thanks.

bts banana meme

BTS having a Bananas in Pajamas party. For my international readers that might not understand, it’s an Aussie reference to the ABC Kids show ‘Bananas in Pajamas’.

snsd macaron meme

Hair that looks good enough to eat. Perhaps SNSD were inspired by their favourite flavours of Macaroons?

red velvet meme

Tough choice. Why not both? I listen to Red Velvet’s Ice Cream Cake whilst eating Red Velvet cake ice cream and cake. ♫ I scream, you scream, gimme gimme that ice cream…♪

Disclaimer: Please note that the above images were photoshopped by yours truly.


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