Tickets to BTS’s Melbourne concert are SOLD OUT! Sydney tix still on sale

bts concert sold out

Disclaimer: I’ve photoshopped the ‘Sold Out’ part. It’s not on the official concert poster.

Not surprisingly, given the booming popularity of Bangtan Boys (BTS), tickets to their Melbourne concert have now sold out! Tickets to their Sydney show are still on sale but running low so you’d better grab yours quick before they run out!

VIP tickets to both the Sydney and Melbourne shows sold out within an hour of going on sale – unfortunately leaving many fans who missed out disappointed.

With this kind of success, hopefully it will encourage more Kpop artists to make the trek Down Under.

BTS are currently in the midst of promotions for their latest comeback hit ‘I Need U’ and have recently swept up a collection of first music show wins on programs such as Music Bank, M! Countdown and The Show. Proving that they are indeed a band worth seeing, given the opportunity to.

Here’s golden maknae Jungkook commending the efforts and hard work of BTS’s fans (also known as A.R.M.Ys).

jungkook clapping



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