After School’s Lizzy, actresses Park Soojin and Choi Yeojin spotted in Australia


cr: @grassy (Instagram)


cr: @grassy (Instagram)

Singer Lizzy from popular Kpop girl group After School, along with her actress buddies Park Soojin and Choi Yeojin have been spotted basking in the Australian sunshine in the cities of Brisbane and Melbourne.

It’s been speculated that they are here to film for the cable TV show ‘Olive TV Tasty Road’, which is regularly hosted by Lizzy and Soojin.

The Orange Caramel member also posted some of her Aussie snaps to Instagram.





Update: It turns out that they were indeed here to film for ‘Olive TV Tasty Road’. Footage from their Aussie trip has been broadcasted in episode 20 & 21 of the current series, which I’ve linked here but unfortunately there aren’t any English subs.

Tasty Road ep 20 (6/6/15 broadcast)

Tasty Road ep 21 (13/6/15 broadcast)


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