Big Bang is coming to Australia! Wait, What?!


Photo credit: YG Entertainment

Yes, you read that right. SBS PopAsia has just confirmed on radio that Kpop superstars Big Bang are heading down for their first-ever Australian show this September as part of their worldwide ‘2015 Made World Concert Tour’.

Wow, Fantastic Baby! I know. I had to do a double take to make sure I heard it right and wasn’t imagining things.

The hosts announced that, “Australian promoters Award Entertainment have confirmed with us that BIG BANG will be coming to Australia as part of their 2015 Made World Concert Tour. The concert will be held in Sydney on September 25th.”

Although not as well known as JK Entertainment when it comes to the Kpop concert scene in Australia, Chinese company Award Entertainment have had success in large-scale events such as Jay Chou’s Sydney concert last year. Should be a smooth transition from the King of Mandopop to the Kings of Kpop, right?

Although SBS PopAsia didn’t mention the venue, upon researching the inter-webs for more information – as I’m sure all the Aussie V.I.Ps were doing exactly at the same time as me, albeit just as frantically and excitedly – I discovered the concert would be held at the 21,000-seater Allphones Arena.

This was through a Facebook post by the Sydney Korean Cultural Office, which also double-confirmed the news of the concert, “BIG news is being MADE. An Australian promoter Award Entertainment will present BIGBANG in Australia as part of their MADE world tour! Lock in the 25th of September on your calendars as the biggest KPOP act of the year will hit Australia at the All Phones Arena! Who is excited for more KPOP??”

I am! *puts hands up in the air, dances around*

Coincidence or not, Big Bang has just released two new songs, ‘Loser’ and ‘Bae Bae’, signalling their much-anticipated return to the Kpop scene. Their last comeback as a group was three years ago with ‘Fantastic Baby’ and ‘Monster’.

This news is sure to satiate the appetite of fans, especially Aussie V.I.Ps, who have been starving and thirsting for their return.

Although Sydney hasn’t yet been officially listed on the Made Tour page, stay tuned as hopefully more details are announced soon.


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