Kevin Rudd hangs out with VIXX


cr: Kevin Rudd’s Twitter (@MrKRudd)

It’s an Aussie close encounter of the VIXX kind as former Australian prime-minister Kevin Rudd has just tweeted a group shot of him hanging out with Kpop boyband VIXX.

Sporting the typical Asian peace sign, the former politician beams happily with the boys who are all smiles. Except for Leo, who looks a little uncomfortable or nervous with the Rudd hand over his shoulder? Although, he’s known to have that kind of aloof expression anyway.

The meeting came about at the Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day rally in Washington DC where Rudd was a guest speaker on climate and poverty and VIXX were there as special guest performers.

Nice to see Rudd getting some face-to-face interaction with Kpop stars given his previous tweets online, which suggested his not-so-secret Kpop music tastes.

krudd i love kpopDisclaimer: Please note that the above image was photoshopped by me.



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