Sehun gets the attention of Miranda Kerr

EXO‘s youngest member Sehun has managed to grab the attention of his long-standing ideal type, Australian model Miranda Kerr! Score, congrats on making your fanboy dreams come true, Sehun.

The dimpled Aussie star posted on her Instagram a photo of her autographed EXO album with Sehun’s handwritten message. He cutely wrote “Check out our album. I’m a big fan!! E.X.O. Listen!!! To. Miranda Kerr!!”.

Lots of exclamation marks to show his excitement, haha.

In return, Miranda tagged Sehun’s Instagram handle to show her thanks, captioning the pic with “Thank you @oohsehun for my surprise signed album”.

Thank you @oohsehun for my surprise signed album!

A post shared by Miranda (@mirandakerr) on

Not only that, she also wrote him belated birthday wishes, leaving a comment on one of his Instagram pics.

miranda kerr comment sehun

Perhaps his birthday wishes were granted, with the EXO member being one lucky birthday (fan)boy.


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