2014 Kpop Dance Cover Contest is back!

The 3rd annual Kpop Dance Cover Contest is back for another round, held again at the University of NSW. Hosted by the Korean Cultural Office (KCO), guest judges this year will be BBoy Blond (So You Think You Can Dance) and Dami Im (X-Factor). Unfortunately, no Kpop idol groups are coming this year to judge the competition like predecessors Nu’est and 4minute.

This year, it’ll be held on August 23 at the Science Theatre unlike last year where it was at the Clancy Auditorium. The Science Theatre is where the contest was held in its first year (2012), which I think is more appropriate given it has a bigger stage area and better stage lighting equipment.

The prizes this year include a chance to enter the ‘Kpop World Festival’ competition and a $700 gift voucher for 1st place and a $500 gift voucher for 2nd place.

The event is free admission but to attend as an audience member, you will need to grab a ticket from the KCO. You can do this by either emailing them in advance or by getting it on the day, as they will distribute tickets from 1:30pm before the event starts.



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