Elly Oh told to ‘fix her face’ to succeed as a Kpop singer

ellyoh Elly Oh, a Korean music teacher who is currently battling her way through the singing competition reality TV show The Voice recently revealed how her dreams of becoming a Kpop star were crushed because she didn’t have ‘the look’.

“I wanted to become a K-Pop singer when I was 18 but at the time, back then I had some issues. Some management company said I have to fix my face first,” Elly revealed on SBS PopAsia radio.

Unfortunately, that’s the sad reality of the Kpop industry where appearance and looks play an important factor – just being talented is not enough to break into the industry.

It’s a shame, considering how talented she is, as we saw in her powerful rendition of Jessie J’s ‘Mamma Knows Best’ during the blind auditions. After turning around all four of the judges’ chairs, she had them scrambling over one another to recruit her to their team. Even will.i.am resorted to name-dropping his connections to 2NE1 in a desperate bid to swing her decision his way.

Elly teaches singing lessons at Dancekool, a local Sydney dance studio which I sometimes go to, so I’m really happy to see her following her dreams! You can check out her Facebook page here.


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