B.A.P to land Down Under next week for concert tour + hi-touch event

Only 1 week to go until B.A.P invade our sunburnt country and take over with their angelic voices and powerful dance performances!

Now we’ve had kpop concerts and idol fansigns here in the past but for the first time, there will be a high-touch event where fans will be able to hi-five B.A.P after their concerts in both Sydney and Melbourne.

However! To be one of those lucky fans, it is ultimately down to…well, luck. There are 100 golden tickets for each city – like Willy Wonka’s golden tickets – hidden in B.A.P’s ‘First Sensibility’ albums (AUD $35), which are currently available for purchase through JK Entertainment.

As they’re only going to sell a limited 500 albums for each city, there’s a 20% chance of getting a high-touch event ticket. To find out more on how to purchase an album or to see what other merchandise is available, visit http://www.jkent.com.au/bap/#/merchandise.html

Don’t forget, there’s still concert tickets available, so better grab yours before you miss out on this rare opportunity to see them live & up close! You can purchase them from Ticketmaster (Melbourne) or the Big Top website (Sydney).

Check out this cute video message from the boys where they practice their adorkable Engrish:


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