Jackie Chan debuts Kpop boy band JJCC with Aussie member Henry Mak

Hollywood action star Jackie Chan has revealed his newly created Kpop group, JJCC (or Double JC). The band consists of five members, including homegrown talent Prince Mak (aka Henry Mak). He’s the only non-Korean member and was the last to join, training for only six months before their debut – a relatively short trainee period similar to Yoochun before he joined TVXQ.

Henry is actually the brother of one of my uni friends and he used to teach at Crossover Dance Studios! Such a small world. Pretty cool that he gets to hang out with Jackie Chan, my favourite childhood action hero.

Anyway, here’s a performance of their debut song ‘At First’. Henry’s the one with only two lines, haha. He sings, “It’s like a diamond” and “Finally”.

Here’s my code to differentiate the other members, since I didn’t know who’s who when I first saw them.

G-dragon lookalike = E.co

Super tall guy with a voice so deep it goes to the Earth’s core = Simba

Long haired dude = Eddy

SHINee Minho’s lookalike who I thought at first (haha, geddit) was Simba because of his cute features like the namesake Lion King cub = Sancheong

Smiley Chinese Aussie = Prince Mak

For more info about them, check out this Sydney Morning Herald article: http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/music/jackie-chan-enlists-sydney-singer-for-no-1-kpop-hit-20140329-35qc3.html


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