Crayon Pop release travel photobook shot in Australia

It’s been a couple of months since the helmet-donning Kpop group Crayon Pop visited Sydney last November and  now they’ve released a photobook commemorating their lovely time here!

The photo book, titled ‘Crayon Pop in AUSTRALIA,‘ contains never-before-seen snaps of their street performances, fan signings and touristy activities at famous landmarks in Sydney such as the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Wildlife Zoo and Hyde Park. Also featured are behind-the-scenes captures from their media appearances, such as on SBS PopAsia.

Seems like they enjoyed their time Down Under! Ahh, brings back memories of when I went to their George St. Cinemas fan-signing last year and watched their performances of ‘Bar Bar Bar’ and ‘Dancing Queen.’ I also managed to snag myself a CD autographed by each member, which you can see below.

Mm…I wonder if I can spot myself in any of the pictures in the photo book?

Crayon Pop autographed CD

My autographed Crayon Pop CD

Crayon Pop posing with a cute koala

Crayon Pop posing with a cute koala


Last page of the photobook…I sure hope so!


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