Running Man to film in Australia this February

Could it be true?! ‘Running Man’ will be heading Down Under this February to film an overseas special episode – for the first time going outside Asia! No word yet on where in Australia they’ll be filming but fingers crossed it’ll be in Sydney.

‘Running Man’ producer Jo Hyo Jin told Star News on February 5, We plan to leave to Australia for filming, but we have yet to plan a solid time. We’re currently discussing it. The tourism center in Australia previously invited us, and we thought we should have a new background for the show.”

Rumour is that Rain, Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk will be coming here as well, as the special guests for the Aussie themed episode. If so, welcome back Rain! (I remember attending his Sydney concert back in 2007).

I’m super stoked about this, as I didn’t get a chance to see any ‘Running Man’ filming whilst I was in Korea. Hopefully I can catch a glimpse of the cast members such as commander Kim Jong Kook (Spartaaa! ~) or giant Gwangsoo racing around the city. It’s a shame that my favourite, Song Joong ki, is in the army and not doing Running Man at the moment. I’d love to see him come to Australia.

Hopefully there will be a confirmed date of their arrival soon so us local fans can show our love and appreciation for the show. There’s always so many fans welcoming them at the airport in their previous overseas episodes such as in Vietnam and Hong Kong, it’d be a shame if there were only a few people turning up in the Aussie one.


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