Kpop featured in the Sydney Morning Herald

Well, it’s not only magazines that are featuring Kpop, now even newspapers are too! Saw a feature article in the Spectrum section of the Sydney Morning Herald, talking about how Aussies such as Rome (Barom Yu) are trying to break into the extremely competitive Kpop market. It also mentions how saturated the market is in Korea and how difficult it is to get noticed. Here’s an excerpt from the article, a quote taken from Barom Yu.

“Not many people realize that K-pop in Korea is actually dying. Idols come out week after week. Now, when audiences see a new idol group, they won’t look for five seconds, they won’t look at all, it doesn’t matter about skills or how good the team is.”

“I mean the good thing is that in Australia and Europe and other Asian countries, everything must be new to them, it’s just blossoming right now.”

I agree that the Kpop market in Korea is quite overrun, there are way too many idol groups nowadays to keep track of. Compared to when I first got into Kpop, when there were only a couple of groups around such TVXQ, Big Bang and Wonder Girls, there’s now like a bajillion groups debuting in a year.

It’s a good thing that the Kpop market is growing in Australia and we’re seeing more and more artists coming here to hold concerts! If Korea’s getting sick of them, we’re happy to have them. ;)


PIC_0765SMH kpop 3



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