Crayon Pop coming to Sydney!

Sony Music has announced that Kpop group Crayon Pop will be heading Down Under next week, 4-8 November, to promote their new single. The band was also scheduled to make a trip to New Zealand but that has since been cancelled.

The five-member girl group are known for their helmet-wearing jumping dance in ‘Bar Bar Bar’, which has become a viral success and is the next dance craze to hit the Kpop world following ‘Gangnam Style.’  The music video has over 8 million views on YouTube. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out!  I guarantee you’ll feel the happy bubbly energy rubbing off on you.

The girls are set to make an appearance on SBS PopAsia on Monday to dance their trademark moves and meet with fans.  The radio and TV broadcaster ran a competition this week where fans could enter their own parody or cover video of the ‘Bar Bar Bar’ dance – the prize being to meet and get dance lessons from the colourful group!

The winner was announced today and are this hilarious group of middle-aged blokes, or as it is often termed ‘uncle fans’ or ‘ahjussis’.  It’s great seeing them having immense fun with it and they’re not afraid to show off the signature moves in various public places!

“Jumping, jumping, yeah, everybody”

Mmm…should I dress up as a Crayon Pop member for Halloween?

Update: They’ll be performing ‘Bar Bar Bar’ and signing albums outside George St. Event Cinemas on Friday, 8 Nov! Woohoo, I’ll get to see them performing up close!


crayon pop event cinemas


7 thoughts on “Crayon Pop coming to Sydney!

  1. OMG thank you for sharing that info about Crayon Pop performing at the city! ^^ I’ll see you there !!! ;)

    P.S Do you know anything about their time of arrival at the Sydney Airport ? I want them to have an awesome greeting! :D

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