Kpop featured in Cosmopolitan Australia!

Seems like Kpop is popping up more and more in Aussie print media. Thought it was pretty interesting to see a Kpop article featuring in this month’s October edition of Cosmopolitan Australia! It talks about the Kpop idol world and mentions a few groups like Girls Generation and Evol.

Cosmo Kpop

Hopefully having more media coverage like this will get more Aussies/Cosmo readers who don’t know much about Kpop interested in Kpop – well, beyond Gangnam Style anyway. (converting the uninitiated into Kpop fans ftw ~) ‘

Seems like it’s Kpop month for Aussie mags as popular teen mag Dolly is also featuring “Korean ken dolls” Infinite in their bonus boys in bands magazine for the October edition. See below pics.

cr: Infinitely Inspirit SY

cr: Infinitely Inspirit SY

cr: Doueven

cr: Doueven

However, this isn’t the first time Kpop’s been on Dolly’s radar.  First was Big Bang back when they featured in the August 2011 edition (although they accidentally mixed up Daesung & G Dragon’s names, it’s forgiveable).

big bang dolly

cr: Daily Kpop News

Sometimes Kpop’s even mentioned randomly such as in this article interviewing members JJ and George of British band Union J.  They were asked, “If this was your tour and you could choose anyone – dead or alive – to be your support, who would it be?” to which JJ answered “There are these Korean groups that George and I love.” with George responding “They’re called Miss A and 21.” (ie. 2NE1)

cr: Twitter/@UltimateMissA

cr: UltimateMissA


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