XIA Sydney Press Conference + HQ Pics


Thanks to JK Entertainment, I got to attend XIA’s concert press conference on Friday (27th Sept). Held at SBS PopAsia studios, it was a quiet and serious affair, with each media asking their questions one by one.

We weren’t allowed to film the press conference so I just jotted down some notes during it. Here are some of the highlights, which I’ve paraphrased. Please note they’re not 100% word-by-word recounts but you get the general gist.

Q. What’s the main difference between overseas and Korean concerts?
A. Obviously the language is different but in terms of stage – where I can become one with the fans – and the level of fan loving, there’s not much difference.

Q. As a singer-songwriter, what inspires you to write your songs?
A. It depends on the song. For dance songs, I prefer to make the beat first then the lyrics but with ballad songs, I prefer to write the lyrics first and then make the beat. There isn’t necessarily an order.

[I think he might’ve misunderstood the question because he talked about the process behind writing his songs rather than the inspiration behind them]

Q. What’s your favourite place in Sydney?
A. Since I was young, I greatly admired the Sydney Opera House from seeing it in textbooks and on TV. I thought it was very big and it is actually grander than I imagined. I also climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I have fun memories of eating kangaroo steak and crocodile pizza.

Q. What are your thoughts on performing in the musical ‘Elisabeth’?
A. Acting is fun. When I first performed the character Death, I found it overwhelming and it was hard to come up with something that is against my nature. However, the second time around I wanted to portray Death differently with different colours. I’ll be performing in another musical in December, which funnily enough is called ‘The December’.

Q.  Your latest album has a mix of different genres, which was the most fun to do? Do you have a favourite song from the album?
A. I’d say doing upbeat dance songs like ‘Incredible’ was the most fun, as it brings out the fun and joy of Korean summer.  I heard it’s summer in Australia soon so it’s good timing for the concert. It would be good if everyone can hear the song and have fun.  I don’t have a favourite song as I worked hard on all the songs on the album, so it’s hard to pick one.

Q. What can fans expect from your Sydney concert?
A. I’ve been on tour since last year and with this concert, I would have performed in every continent except Africa. I hope people can have fun and feel the joy I feel when I’m performing.

[He forgot Antartica, lol]

Q. What’s the main difference between promoting albums and doing musicals?
A. There is a different feeling at the end of both of them, when the stage is finished and I hear the clapping.  When I am promoting albums, it’s all about me whereas with musicals, it’s working together with different people so there is a different feeling.

Q. You originally took on the name Xia as a desire to be recognized throughout Asia. Do you have bigger desires beyond Asia?
A. (Laughs) It’s a bit embarrassing. Xia did originate from the word Asia but forget the name. It’s about being there for my fans around the world whether they are European or Arab fans.

Q. Do you have a message for Australian fans and what are your plans for the rest of 2013?
A. I look forward to enjoying tomorrow’s concert with fans and hopefully next time, I can have another concert here with JYJ. My plans for the rest of the year is the musical I mentioned earlier and also promoting the Asian Games theme song ‘Only One’.

The press conference was quite short and it would have been nice if he sang a line or two from either ‘Elisabeth’ or ‘The December’, considering musicals were mentioned so much.  Also, I think it would have been better if they had a separate MC and translator because the host/translator was struggling to do both jobs at once and it was a little bit messy.

Funny moments were when he took the welcome basket off the table and put it on the floor at the beginning of the conference and when he would awkwardly laugh to break the silence/tension(?) in the room.  It would have been nice to have the other JYJ members there for a bit of banter.

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