XIA Sydney Concert Review + HQ Pics

XIA close up

Went to XIA’s Concert on Saturday (28th September) and his live vocals are just mindblowing! Even though I don’t follow him much and only know two of his songs – ‘Tarantellegra’ which he opened the concert with and ‘Incredible’ which I thought would be his last song – it was still quite fun and enjoyable.

I loved the little bit of fan interaction he had where he picked three fans to grant them their wish – provided the wishes weren’t personal and could be shared with everyone.

I think the first fan asked him to sing happy birthday to her and he didn’t because it was personal or something (?), it was kind of confusing what happened there but the wish wasn’t granted.

The next wish was Kwiyomi, which the crowd kept chanting for him to do. He was so shy and embarrassed and kept asking his male fans to close their eyes. He said that three years ago, he wouldn’t have minded doing it but now that he’s 28, it’s a bit embarrassing. How cute! Although he only managed to get up to 5 before he couldn’t take it anymore.

The third wish, which was the biggest waste, was when a male fan asked him to do a sexy dance. Obviously he hadn’t been watching the concert because that was pretty much what XIA was doing the entire time.  Well, can’t blame him. Apparently he had no idea what to ask and was asking his girlfriend what she wanted Junsu to do. They should’ve just asked him to lift up his shirt or dance ‘Gangnam Style’ or sing a short cover of an English song or something.  There are so many other options ~

Also, during one of his dance performances, two of his male backup dancers were grinding against him and I remember one of them hugged him at the end. It was funny that he had to remind the audience, “I like girls!”.

Kudos to the fans who organized the banners and paper word thing on the second floor. It was pretty cool to see everyone also simultaneously putting up their red banners during ‘Incredible’.




Fans in O_O awe.



Thanks to JK Entertainment and concert sponsors for putting on such a well-organized and enjoyable event.

There might be another Kpop concert before the end of year (perhaps EXO?) but that’s just my speculation.  Fingers crossed.

Note: Click the photos to enlarge.

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 3.02.33 PM

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 2.56.31 PM



Wearing a pink flamenco suit that’s just a little bit too tight…









Random balloons stuck on the venue’s ceiling.


Fans leaving and taking selcas after the concert.

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