Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo heading to Perth and Melbourne!


First 4Minute, then XIA and now Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo will be visiting the Land Down Under in September. What a nice start to spring!

She’ll be heading to Perth for an event organised by K-Holic nightclub, Sound Holic and the University of Western Australia’s Korean Cultural Club (KCC), taking place in Metro City on September 6 – the same day that Eat Your Kimchi will be coming to Sydney! Check out the Facebook event here.

The ‘Abracadabra’ singer even tweeted her excitement about the event.


Photo credit: Twitter/@miryoakajohoney

Unfortunately, as it is taking place at a nightclub, it is an 18+ only event. However, she’ll also be doing a fan-signing in Melbourne the day after, which is open to all ages.  Coincidentally, Melbourne’s Kwave Festival with Eat Your Kimchi is also taking place on September 7! Here’s the link to the fan signing Facebook event.

Given the rare opportunity to go to an idol fan signing – I think this might actually be the first one held in Australia – fans will have to shell out quite a bit for tickets, currently priced at $50 each.

It’s nice to see the other parts of Australia getting in on some Kpop love…the other cities should be happy that for once it’s not in Sydney!


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