Eat Your Kimchi to visit Sydney and Melbourne this September!


Photo credit: Eat Your Kimchi Facebook

Simon and Martina Stawski, the stars of YouTube channel Eat Your Kimchi, will soon be making a trip Down Under to meet their Aussie fans!

The funky bloggers, who have over 360,000 subscribers, will be in Sydney on September 6 and Melbourne on September 7.  Although not much detail has been given about their Sydney stop, SQ Entertainment has stated they will attend the K-wave Festival in Melbourne’s Federation Square on September 7. Apparently there will also be a meet and greet which although free, is limited to an hour so first in, first served!
I wonder if Spudgy (their adorable kpop dancing dog) or their new Scottish fold kitten Dr. Meemersworth will be coming along. :D

The married Canadian couple, who currently reside in Korea, are well-known for their hilarious Kpop parodies that have spawned popular Kpop catchphrases such as “TaeMAN,” “Soy un Dorito!” and “I lost my pants, in rippito fippito sippi slow motion!”

In addition, they’ve gotten to meet and interview quite a few kpop idols including f(x), U-Kiss, Wonder Girls, Sistar, Super Junior and MBLAQ. Kevin from U-Kiss is a self-confessed fan of theirs and Amber from f(x) even mentioned watching their (boring but practical) ‘How to use a washing machine in Korea’ video  when she first moved to Korea.

Nasties (fans) shouldn’t miss this chance to “roll down your sexy windows” at the funny couple. “Oooh you so nasty!”


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