Rome is back home!

Aussie Kpop star Rome from boyband C-clown is back in town on a short break before starting preparations  for his group’s next comeback. Whilst in Sydney, he visited the SBS PopAsia studio and helped co-host their daily radio show.

Apparently his first priority is food (not friends and family) with him saying “What brings me home to Australia? I think it’s the steak.” I guess we have some pretty good steak here. CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa also commented recently during their Melbourne concert that the steak here was yummy.

When host Jamaica Dela Cruz asked him how he became a Kpop star, he reminisced, “It’s got to do a lot with uh, not listening to your parents. So like 1am or 2am, I’d sneak out of the house and put my school uniform in my bag…Oh am I allowed to say this? Yeah, [kids] don’t try this at home. I’d always go to the city and dance in front of the mirrors outside the entertainment centre in Darling Harbour.”

Fingers crossed that the next time he goes to the Sydney Entertainment Centre he’ll be performing on stage inside it with the rest of his band. Seems like those reflective windows/mirrors are a popular practice space, I always see groups there dancing and I myself have practiced there a couple of times before with K-netics.

A fan asked whether Rome had ever introduced Vegemite to his members and he revealed, “Oh God. Not the best thing I did. My mum was like, ‘I know you miss Vegemite,’ so she sent some over from Australia, but I had a feeling my members wouldn’t like it so I secretly put some on their eyebrows when they were sleeping.” Great idea for a prank, i should try that next time, haha. Maybe at the next UNSW KpopSoc Camp, lol!

The prankster leader also revealed that although he’s originally from the “gong,” he moved to Sydney and studied at Ryde Secondary College for Year 11 and 12 and requested fans to “please don’t look into it.” What a coincidence that his old high school is near my area, I wonder if I know anyone who goes there…

Even though it’s only for a short trip, welcome home Rome!


999327_585646081479551_1483964667_nPhoto credits: SBS PopAsia Facebook


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