Krystal skydiving in NZ

Following in Taemin’s footsteps, f(x)’s Krystal has gone extreme sports and gone skydiving in New Zealand! These maknaes sure are daredevils!!  Is this a new trend of SM being nice and giving their artists a (working) holiday before their comeback? Taemin also went skydiving on other side of the world in Switzerland for SHINee’s Wonderful Day, right before SHINee’s Dream Girl comeback. Could this be hinting an upcoming comeback for f(x)? If so, I can’t wait for it! (im still waiting for EXO…seriously SM, are they ever gonna make a comeback?!).

Anyway, nice to see our friendly neighbours with minus 2 stars on their flag getting in some kpop action!

Check out Krystal skydiving below! She may be cute and adorable but she sure has some guts. Would you have the guts to go skydiving?

Taemin skydiving in Switzerland.


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