Kevin Rudd listens to Kpop?

Kevin Rudd wished Superjunior member, Siwon, ‘Happy Birthday’ via Twitter! Although officially recorded as 10 Feb 1987, Siwon’s real birthday is 7 April 1986 (ie. today!) as his parents were not able to officially register his birth with the Korean national registry until almost a year later. I wonder how KRudd knew it was his birthday, maybe he also listens to Kpop?


Usually Koreans put their last names first eg. “Lee Jinki” so I think Kevin Rudd was a bit confused in thinking Choi was Siwon’s first name when it is in fact his last name. Anyway, it’s cool to see that even Australian politicians (*cough* I mean former Australian prime minister) are trying to get into Kpop, haha.

krudd i love kpop

Disclaimer: Please note that the above image was photoshopped by yours truly.


2 thoughts on “Kevin Rudd listens to Kpop?

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