Yoona & Lee Minho Eider CF in Sydney

Well, turns out that Yoona did come to Sydney afterall to film a CF for Eider. (either that or Eider has some really great editing skills!). They released their CF today featuring some great shots of Sydney (this might even be used for an Australian tourism campaign, see the waving Aussie flag at 0:24^^). I can spot some familiar places like Town Hall, Hyde Park, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Blue Mountains. Lol at Lee Minho running through the rain in Martin Place. Looks like he got to experience Sydney’s  4-seasons-in-a-day bipolar weather. Ironic considering he was staying at the Four Seasons Hotel.

They must’ve gotten heaps of exercise filming this. Even just looking at all their running in the CF is making me feel tired.  I suppose it’s worth it once the moolah rolls in. I remember Yoona alone earned over 4 billion won (approximately $3.5 million USD) in the first half of last year because all the CFs she did.


Yoona in Sydney Harbour with Luna Park in the background. (credit: Eider)


Lee Minho with his lovely smile! (credit: Eider)


One thought on “Yoona & Lee Minho Eider CF in Sydney

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