Ex ‘PSY’ tment at Future

As the Future Music Festival hit Sydney last weekend, K-pop internet sensation PSY got the crowds pumping  with “Gangnam Style”. Despite being the only singer in the setlist to be singing in a foreign language, he proved his incredible popularity with Australian audiences screaming their lungs out with “OPPA, Gangnam Style!” as they followed his signature equestrian moves.

If you still don’t know who I’m talking about, you’d better start crawling out from under that rock. Or you could go check out his 1.5 billion views video here:

Psy at Future last weekend. (credit: ProjectU)

Psy at Future last weekend. (photo credit: ProjectU)

Oppa, Gangnam Style!

Oppa, Gangnam Style! (photo credit: ProjectU)

It’s great to see Psy still going strong despite the upcoming threat of Harlem Shake.  As much as I am sick of hearing Gangnam Style, I appreciate how Psy has managed to bring some spotlight to Kpop, especially in Australia. Who knows, maybe Kpop will start to become mainstream in the near Future (geddit? future…no, ok, nevermind).  JB Hi-FI has already started selling kpop albums in their stores and people are now able to purchase Kpop songs off iTunes.  It’d be great if more Kpop artists could see Australia as a potential market and hopefully come here more often to hold Kpop concerts and events! :)


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