Xander coming to Melbourne!

Guess what, Melbournians!! Former member of Kpop group U-Kiss, Xander, is coming down undah to where you are!! He was supposed to come last year for the Aus2One charity concert that was unfortunately cancelled. He tweeted his excitement at finally being able to come visit Australia, this time to film his new movie, 3 Peas in a Pod. Starring alongside Taiwanese group Fahrenheit member Calvin Chen and Singaporean newcomer Jae Liew as the female lead, the film’s sure to be a cross-cultural hit! Especially considering Xander can speak 7 languages including English, Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish and Portugese.  I wonder if he’ll pick up any Aussie slang while he’s here…and add Australian English to that long list.

xander twitter3 peas in a pod teaser

Lucky Melbournians also get a chance to star in the movie as they are currently recruiting for extras! You can apply to be one here: http://brainstorminc.net/3peasinapod/

*Sigh*, if only I lived in Melbourne :'(


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