“Dream” Chat with SHINee on Google+

To celebrate SHINee’s comeback with their new song “Dream Girl” and the opening of new Youtube channel A-pop (Asian Pop), fans from around the world can participate in a competition on Google+ to be one of the few lucky fans selected to have a face-to-face video chat with SHINee.

To enter:

  1. Create a Google Plus profile
  2. Insert hashtag #apopSHINee  and include the following information on Google+
    – Name
    – Age
    – Nationality
    – Your question to SHINee
  3. Set your post as “Public” and click “Share”!

SHINee announcing the Google+ Hangout Event:

For the first time, SM actually put English subtitles on their video! Hopefully, they’ll continue to do this in the future, helping to cater to their non-Korean speaking international fans.

A few people have predicted that Google+ will take over Facebook as the number one social networking site, much like how Facebook took over Myspace a few years ago. And it looks like SM Entertainment is getting in on the action early, having created a Google + profile themselves. You can follow them here: http://plus.google.com/+SMTOWN/posts

Good luck to all the Aussie shawols vying for the opportunity to hang out (virtually) with SHINee!


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