Lee Minho arriving in Sydney

SPOTTED! Korean actor Lee Minho arriving at Sydney airport this morning with his manager, looking stylish and handsome as usual. He’ll be here until the 15th Feb for his Eider photoshoot with SNSD’s Yoona so keep an eye out for him. Word is that he’s staying at the Four Seasons near Circular Quay. I’ve been a fan of him since his days as arrogant heir Goo Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flowers and as the sleek kickass spy out for revenge in City Hunter so imagine my excitement when I heard he was coming! His Sydney arrival was very low-key (nothing like the crazy crowds welcoming the idol groups for the 2011 Kpop Fest) as most people didn’t find out until after he’d arrived.



Yoona is scheduled to arrive tomorrow morning so expect to see some Sones waiting at the airport, most likely with roses & chocolates in hand. Looks like Minho & Yoona will be spending a sweet St. Valentine’s day together tomorrow…


If any of you fans are planning to go City Hunting for him, the photoshoot might not actually be in the city. I’m guessing they might go to the Blue Mountains since Eider is more for outdoor wear. Also, when SHINee came in 2011 for the Korea-Australia Friendship concert, I heard they went sight-seeing in the Blue Mountains.


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