“Walk with the Stars” Free concert for foreigners in Seoul!

I was browsing the Korean Tourism Organisation website (some pre-trip research) when I saw a posting about a free kpop concert for tourists and foreigners and instantly jumped at the opportunity . Only the first 200 people who applied could attend so i was pretty lucky that i saw the ad only a couple of days after they opened for application. The application was easy to fill out, they only needed basic details like name, country, email and phone number. So everyone in my group managed to get tickets :)

On the day itself, i was feeling sick and definitely coming down with a cold but my inner fangirl/asianness (i mean, who doesn’t love free stuff? Especially seeing Infinite and Sistar for FREE!!) wouldn’t let me miss it for anything. When we got there, we just needed to show our passport to prove we were a foreigner and we got a free T-shirt and a tag with a number. The tag was for the ‘walking race’ we’d be having with the celebrities and it’s like the ones they wear over their clothes in the Idol Athethics Championship. :)

Idol Athletics Championship (SM)

Idol Athletics Championship (SM)

Posing at the concert venue with our number tags.

Outside the concert venue with our number tags.

There were cutouts of the kpop groups that were performing as well as of Big Bang who were endorsing G-market. The G-market staff were really friendly and could speak different languages (eg. English, Japanese, Chinese). One of them was even from Brisbane. They took polaroids of us with the big bang cutouts (haha, if only they were the real thing!) and gave it to us for free inside a G-market goodie bag that also had other stuff in it. So altogether, the freebies i got from the concert were:

  • T-shirt
  • Number tag
  • Polaroid with big bang
  • Big bang photo cards
  • Glass wiper towel (<- actually really good. Used it to clean my ipad and glasses)
  • G-market cloth bag (thicker & stronger than your average enviro bag)
Posing with the Nine Muses cutout

Posing with the Nine Muses cutout

With my beloved L

With my beloved L

The walk

The walk was as I had expected. It was pretty much like a KBS Star Date where people are crowding around the celebrities trying to get closer to them and not an actual walking race where people kept a normal distance. Managed to get pretty close to one of Ze:a members who said Hello in korean to me. He was so cute and good looking but i still dont know his name… The only people i know from Ze:a are Kwanghee and Kevin, lol. Kwanghee cuz of variety shows and Kevin cuz he went to the same high school as some of my friends, Epping Boys High School. Apparently he used to wear lipstick to school, haha.

It was too crowded and im not a huge fan of Ze:a or Nine Muses so I left the walk after 5mins. I was hoping to see Kim Soohyun but he was way up too far ahead of me. Anyway, I think the organisers realised it wasn’t gonna work out so they stopped the walk after 20mins (it was supposed to go for an hour) and everyone went back to their seats. Only Ze:a, Nine Muses and Kim Soohyun did the walk. The other performers came later.

The concert

Performances by:

  • Infinite
  • Sistar
  • Nine Muses
  • Ze:a
  • Little boy from Gangnam Style MV ( Mini ‘Psy’ <- he’s super adorable & got loads of swag)

INFINITE!!! L & Sungjong eye contact ~

Kim Soohyun unfortunately didnt perform. Also, Jang Hyuk was supposed to be there but didnt show up for some reason. Anyway, I was pretty much there for Infinite and L :) After Infinite performed, some fans went under the rope and ran across to see them get into their vans. I was a bit late cuz I hesitated and by the time i got there, Infinite had already gotten in. However I did manage to see Dongwoo & Hoya (?) cuz they opened their van windows to peek through and wave hello. See  3:30 & 4:08 in the below video.

Anyway, it was an awesome experience and shows how doing some research can pay off! :) I recommend you guys to definitely visit the KTO website if you are ever planning a trip to Korea.


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