My First Day in Seoul

[15/11/12] First day in Seoul (well, technically second since we arrived last night) and I attended a free K-style hair workshop at the Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center. It’s located in Myeongdong, above Zara, and is really close to where we were staying. The workshop was run by Ra Beauty Core, a well-known hair salon which heaps of Hallyu Wave celebrities have visited, some of whom are regulars. Eg. Rain, Song Hye Gyo, Daniel Henney, Siwon, Han Ga In, Kim Tae Hee…the list is endless. The hairstylists there were basically explaining how to do typical Korean hair-styles such as the bun and rice braid.  Felt kinda sorry for the guys in my group whom were unfortunately dragged along. They were interested in guy styles but the workshop was pretty much just about girl hairstyles.

Derp photo with the hairstylist. I kinda look like D.O creeping, lol.

Derp photo with the hairstylist. I kinda look like D.O creeping, lol.

Got a few nice freebies from the hair workshop including a face mist (like what Jessica used to wake up Taeyeon in an SNSD Running Man episode), eyeshadow makeup, mini shampoo and conditioner. =D

Photo with the hairstylists.

The Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center in general is a pretty good place to visit if you’re a tourist. They have heaps of tourist information and brochures, free postcards you can send back home for free (although mine took like a month to get to Sydney) and you can try on hanboks and take photos in them. They also run free Kpop dance classes but unfortunately by the time I got to Korea, the kpop dance classes had already finished and weren’t running again until next year.  Also, I’d just missed the Makeup with Etude workshop, which I wanted to attend since I don’t really know much about Asian makeup and plus, SHINee endorses Etude. Oh well, maybe next time.


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