Jay Park Sydney Concert Review

[290912] Last minute decision to go to Jay Park’s Sydney concert (literally on the day itself) but I managed to get cheap balcony tickets :). I used to be obsessed with 2PM back in the day when he was still in the band as their leader. I personally think 2PM went a little downhill after he left T_T but I’m glad he seems to be doing ok as a solo artist. Anyway, going back to the concert.

The intro was way too long though and there were way too many opening acts that seemed to drag on forever. The only interesting one was the Crossover dance battle, which was funny and great for keeping the crowd pumping.

When Jay came out (finally!), I was blown away by his incredible energy and stamina. He was dancing and singing through his songs practically non-stop without a breather, even entertaining the crowd between songs by talking, b-boying, randomly breaking out in acapella and changing clothes on-stage.

Jay park

Jay Park performing Nothing on You.

Being the funny and easy-going guy he is, here are some of my favourite quotes of the night:

(crowd keeps yelling “Take your shirt off!!”) beg. of the night -> “Y’all holdup right there. I ain’t a stripper alright, I’m a singer, a SINGER!”   end of the night -> “To my conclusion, Sydney has a lot of perverts.”

“A lot of you guys are young, like high schoolers and stuff…I feel like Justin bieber, you guys make me feel like Justin Bieber (pause) but I’m not.  Sorry, I’m old, I’m OLD! (emphasising that some of his songs are for 18yrs +)”

“Alright, y’all, so every once in a while…”. (Fan) “You come to my room!” “Pftt, woah there…ok, let’s just start the song, haha”

Prepix Crew

Prepix Crew

Prepix crew also performed and WOW. No words are enough to describe how good they were. So in sync, so fluid, so clean, so sharp, so powerful, their performance was amazing. There was only one girl in the crew but she was so good and definitely kept up with the boys.  Although in Know Your Name, she didn’t really know the girl part routine well and stuffed up a bit.

Although a relatively small concert (nothing like the K-fest last November), it was fun and enjoyable and I’m glad more K-pop is coming to Australia now. With Nu’est, Psy and all those entertainment companies coming here for auditions, it’s awesome to see Australia getting more attention in the K-pop world!


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