Kpop Auditions in Sydney

Lately there seems to be a sudden increase in Kpop auditions and competitions held in Sydney.  Here’s a list of the major K-pop auditions & competitions so far:


JYP Auditions – 5th Dec, The Vault Hotel in Sydney


  • YG Auditions – 7th April, The Civic Pavilion in Chatswood (Also Kpopsoc’s 1 year anniversary date!)
  • Superstar K Auditions – 15th July, SMC Conference & Function Centre in Sydney
  • MBC Star Audition – 4th August, Sydney Convention Centre
  • K-Pop Cover Dance Competition with Nu’est – 24th August 2012, UNSW Science Theatre (I entered with K-netics)
  • SM Youth Audition – 1st September, Strathfield Town Hall (I entered for fun and to support my friends!)
  • K-Pop Star Auditions – 16th & 17th September, UNSW Clancy Auditorium (haha, my uni getting more kpop love! Maybe UNSW Kpopsoc’s doing?)

If I’ve accidentally missed one, let me know by commenting below. :)


Posters from the ones I went to. Kpop Cover Dance Competition and SM Audition (with SNSD & EXO-M on it^^).

I suppose the Big 3 (SM, JYP, YG) have been here twice, both through their individual company auditions and through K-pop Star, an audition show that the Big 3 participate in. I hope this means that the K-pop world is now recognizing Australia more and will bring more K-pop artists down undah, haha. *sigh* If only they’d come to host more kpop concerts and fan-meetings here…but it’s great to see them starting to recognise Australia as a place for finding kpop star talent. :) Some Aussies currently in Kpop include:

  • C-clown – Rome/Barom Yu
  • ZE:A – Kevin Kim (from my friend’s high school, Epping Boys)
  • One Way – Peter & Young Sky
  • LedApple – Hanbyul (from Brisbane, Qld)
  • EvoL – Hayana/Kristine Yoon
  • Dalmatian – Day Day/David Kim (From NZ but hey, close enough.)
SM Youth Audition Application I filled out on the day.

SM Youth Audition Application I filled out on the day.

My SM Audition number.

My SM Audition number.


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